Tremor Video

Employed as a multimedia designer and animator within Tremor Video's marketing and creative teams, I made innovative collateral for the SSP and DSP platforms for 3 years. I worked under an Art Director getting feedback on daily projects with direction from larger events and campaigns coming directly from the CMO.

Tremor Video Logo Animation Concept

This is a logo animation I created for Tremor Video. The effect was done in After Effects using a plug-in named “Trapcode Form”. These animations typically take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete based on complexity.

Sequential Messaging Video

This is a product video I animated for Tremor promoting their All-Screen 2.0 software. This unique platform allows ads to build on each other, across all devices, targeted towards your exact audience.

Tremor Video HLS

This is a product video I animated for Tremor's SSP team promoting their HLS solution software which would help customers view their targeted ads smoothly without hiccups or pauses. 

Man on the Street – Tremor Video

In this short interview piece I filmed and edited, Tremor Video goes on the streets of Times Square to gather opinions about mobile gaming. Our research showed most audiences are spending more time on their phones than they thought and advertisers can benefit from it.

Dr. Pepper – Snapple Group

This was part of a sales pitch to the Dr. Pepper and Snapple company. This video was animated from the ground up with a custom voiceover created in-house.